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My name is Brian Topolinsky. I am the owner of Metal Roofs Niagara.

In 2016 we extended our services to the Greater Sudbury Region. Dan Remillard has over 20 years experience in both construction and the roofing industry. He has taken over servicing the Sudbury area and will continue to provide exceptional permanent lifetime roofing to all future customers.

I have an extensive background in the construction and roofing industry and several years experience in Retail Sales Management. I have been involved in the roofing industry for over 15 years.

Throughout my years in roofing sales, I spent a great deal of time selling a quality roofing system with professional service and reasonable pricing. I found that I had very little control over the job after the sale. I always promised top notch service but unfortunately it was not always given.

In 2009 I started New Heights Roofing. With the supplier contacts that I had and some top tradesman, I would now be able to follow through with the service I promised.

My goal was to provide an honest, professional re-roof at a reasonable price. I was now in the position to offer the professional service that I was always striving for.

I quickly became very troubled with the roofing system that we have been forced to rely on here in North America. Asphalt Shingles are the norm for most of us to install on our houses. We all know that these shingles do not stand up to the harsh weather that we experience. These Manufacturers and Roofing Companies are focusing more on selling Lifetime Warranties rather then being honest about the true life expectancy of their products. I found this very deceiving and could not follow the norm when we all know these shingles are lucky to last 12 to 15 years.

I then started researching other options. I wanted to find a product that would withstand our four seasons. I started looking at other countries to see what they were using. I found Clay, Slate, Concrete, and Metal was very common – the problem was is the price was 2 – 3 times that of a shingle roof.

I thought there had to be a way to offer these products at fair and reasonable prices to the public. During my research I found that Retailers and Roofing Installers were all charging a premium for these roofs because of the benefits that they offered. I found if I could deal directly with the Manufacturer, eliminating the middle man, I could offer these roofs at fair prices. In some cases, similar pricing to what some of these Roofing Companies are charging for shingles.

In 2012, Metal Roofs Niagara was born. When we install a metal roof on your house, your neighbors will call us to install it on theirs. The benefits, warranty, longetivity, and pricing of these roofs far out way any other roofing system available today.

We intend on being the first company to be able to install a metal roof on your home for fair and reasonable prices. And I believe that in time the others will have no choice but follow. Hence the reason, I intend on “Changing the Roofing Industry”